Faculty Innovations in Teaching & Learning

Teaching Learning process is a continuous activity in any institute involving the faculty and students. It is the primary responsibility of the faculty to deliver in a manner such that the knowledge received by the students is maximized. The faculty should continuously update his/her knowledge and upgrade the teaching methodologies to deliver efficiently and effectively. In this process, the faculty can come up with certain innovations and discuss with the co faculty before implementing the same in an active class room. The various innovative techniques that have been in implementation are stated below:

The faculty use innovative teaching approaches or practices to improve teaching in ANITS. Besides the chalk and talk method of lecture, the faculty uses the following methods

  1. Interactive method: case study, brainstorming, communication games and activities,focused group discussions, panel discussions, role play and debate.

  2. Practical oriented learning is also encouraged for all the UG programmes of ANITS. The practical work under the faculty helps the student to review the outcome. It also helps the students to pool the findings and arrive at solutions. Students were exposed to hands on experiences at the laboratories.

  3. Experimental learning: The department organizes internships for the students to encourage experimental learning and to understand the problems associated with the society and to find solutions.

  4. Computer assisted learning: Our department is well equipped with state-of-art modern electronic podiums. Most classrooms are fitted with LCD projectors and used for interactive sessions and power point presentations (smart class rooms) by the faculty members. Broad band internet facility is available through Wi-Fi across the campus encourages the faculty to fit with computer assisted learning. The faculty members have well developed collection of e-content for most of the courses in order to facilitate knowledge flow to the learners. Computer based training are encouraged for students.