Conferences / Workshops / Seminars / Guest Lectures /Orientation Conducted

One Week Workshop on Parallel Computing Techniques

One Week Workshop on Parallel Computing Techniques was conducted by Mr.S.Ratan Kumar, Associate Professor, Department of CSE. The workshop covered various topics like drawbacks of Serial Programming, Pthreads API introduction, Parallel Application Development using pthreads, Performance of parallel application hands on session, Introduction to OpenMP, Parallel application development using OpenMp, Introduction to GPU Centre of Excellence, IIT Bombay Computing Environment, Hands on experience, Introduction to GPU Computing, CUDA programming, Hands on Session with CUDA

28 students from the department of CSE participated in this workshop and on the last day coding contest was conducted and prizes were distributed to the winners.


” A two-day workshop on “Software Testing” was organised by Department of CSE and CSI-Student Branch from 14-09-2016 to 15-09-2016 for all the B.Tech and M.Tech students.

During the first day of the workshop Prof. M.L.Saikumar emphasised on the importance of testing, problem solving techniques, win-95 testing data, differences between creativity and innovation, differences between verification and validation, Service Level Agreements, Code generation algorithms, types of errors , types of walkthroughs and many more. He motivated the students by presenting various motivational videos and quoting several examples. He also made the participants to the work on several examples.

The second day of the workshop comprised of various testing strategies and techniques. Prof .M.L.Saikumar elaborated on types of testing such as alpha testing, beta testing, unit testing, integrity testing, acceptance testing, system testing, black box testing, white box testing, effects of faulty software, types of faults, failures, and debugging and test cases. He also stressed on types of security testing techniques, stress testing techniques, performance testing objectives and technologies. He elucidated the differences between programmers, designers and testers. He elaborated on the career options in various fields for computer science engineering graduates. The speaker urged the students to pursue their research in a deterministic manner .

A One Day Skill Development Program on “Web Designing Tools”

A One Day Skill Development Program on “Web Designing Tools” ( PHP,ASP,MySql) by Department of CSE and CSI-Student Branch on 9th July 2016.. This workshop was inaugurated by Prof.T.V.Hanumantha Rao, Principal , ANITS and was presided over by Prof.S.C.Satapathy, HOD, Department of CSE. The resource person are PRITEE PARWEKAR and V.SRINIVASA RAJU.

The workshop was mainly focusing on the different tools used for web designing and a hands on training on PhP,MySQL and RAD Tools

3rd International Conference on Information system Design and Intelligent Applications ( INDIA 2016)

INDIA 2016 is the Third International conference which was started in 2012 by CSI Vizag chapter here in Vishakapatnam. INformation Systems Design and Intelligent Applications-conference was held in 2015 at University of Kalyani, west Bengal. This year it was organized by Dept. of CSE and ANITS CSI Students Branch on 8-9 Jan 2016.

INDIA 2016 has brought all the intellectuals, researchers, scholars and academicians internationally, who are working on information systems design and intelligent applications in the areas of computer science, information technology, communication engineering and management together at on place and acted as a stage for sharing and exchanging their views on the upcoming trends in the above mentioned areas.

About 750+ papers have been received and in which 215 quality papersafter thorough review process have been selected for publications in the Proceedings by Springer-AISC series in THREE volumes. There were8 special sessions and 13 parallel tracks where the authors will present their research work, INDIA 2016 has acted as a stage for an author to prove him/herself in his/her interested research area.

The special attraction lies with many internationally renowned and well known researchers and academicians like, Professor Ashok Deshpande from Berlely, Professor Lakhmi C.Jain ,Australia and, Dr AynurUnal from Stanford University, Dr Rajib Mall from IIT Khargpur, Dr B K panigrahi, IIT Delhi, Dr B Majhi, NIT Rourkela, Fr G Sanyal, NIT Durgapur and many have attending this international conference and gave their key note addresses.

The Inauguration function on 8th of Jan, 2016 was attended by the chief guest Dr. GBS Prasad, Director (Personnel), RINL, Visakhapatnam Steel Plant and guests of honor Dr. Aynur Unal, Visiting Professor, IIT Guwahati and Professor Stanford University, USA, Prof P S Avadhani, Chairman CSI vizag chapter,Vice-Principal, Andhra University, Sri. Raju L. Kanchibotala, Regional Vice-President, Region-V,CSI, Sri. Aninda Bose, Publishing Editor, Springer India Pvt. Ltd.

Prof Pritee Parweker, Dept of CSE, ANITS is the Program Chair and Dr S C Satapathy, Head, CSE, ANITS is the organizing Chair of the conf.The management of ANITS, Sri V Thapovardhan, Secretary has extended excellent support in the organization of this conference

On day #1 there were 3 Keynote addresses, 2 Invited talks and a panel discussion. During the Keynote sessions:

Professor Ashok Deshpande,Guest Faculty: University of California Berkeley;Visiting Professor: Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai India, introduced the concept of fuzzy logic and spoke about various applications of it.

Dr AYnur Unal, Visiting Professor: Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati, India spoke about Digital open innovations. She insisted on creating our own sustainable recyclable products.

Dr Parag Kulkarni, Founder, Chief Scientist and CEO of the EKLaT Research and iknowlation Research Labs Pvt Ltd, spoke about knowledge innovation and practical machine learning applications to build world class products.

Dr. Lakshmi C Jain, Visiting Professor in Bournemouth University, United Kingdom and Adjunct Professor in the University of Canberra, Australia, spoke about practical applications of intelligent techniques in aviation and security.

Dr Gautham Sanyal, Professor in the Department of Computer Science & Engineering and Dean, NIT Durgapur, spoke about Internet of things, There was a Panel discussion with Prof. Amit Joshi as the panel moderator on the topic Paradigm Shift - A New Era: Technology, Entertainment and Values.Two workshops on “Evolutionary Computational methods” and “Computer security” by prof J K Mandal were also conducted on the same day.

Followed by this there was a cultural program with Payal Ram Chandini who is one the famous performer of “Kuchipudi Dance” and who has also performed in many international stages that includes BRICS summit and SAARC conference, has given a performance on “Kuchipudi Dance” and received a huge applaud by the delegates of this conference.

On Day 2# It started with the talk by Sri Aninda Bose on “how to write research paper”. All the papers of this international conference have been presented in 13 parallel tracks simultaneously.


The Dept of CSE, ANITS had conducted a One-day “FRESHERS WELCOME & ORIENTATION PROGRAMME” for first year students of CSE (2015-19 Batch). The Programme had been coordinated by Ms. P. Deepika, Asst Prof, Mrs. Keerthi Lingam, Asst Prof, Mr. K Chandrasekhar, Asst Prof and Mr. K Ashesh, Asst Prof of CSE Dept on 13-08-2015. Prof VSRK Prasad, Principal, ANITS addressed all the students and advised them to abide by the rules and regulations of the institution and also advised them to be regular to the classes. Prof S C Satapathy, HOD, CSE addressed all the freshers by introducing the Faculty Members, Departmental Activities and CSI Student Body. Mr S. Ratan Kumar, Assoc Prof, CSE spoke about the accreditations, autonomous rules and regulations. On this occasion, second, third and final year students interacted with the freshers and gave them a brief introduction on subjects, department achievements and CSI Activities. They have also conducted a few interactive sessions.

Curriculum Design and Development at ANITS by Prof.O.G.Kakde, Director – VJTI

A two day workshop conducted on Curriculum Design and Development at ANITS by Prof.O.G.Kakde, Director – VJTI (Former Professor of NIT, Nagpur) on 8,9 June 2015.

CURSORS 2K15 Tech Fest in association with ANITS CSI Student Branch

CURSORS 2k15 organised by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering in association with ANITS CSI Student branch of Anil Neerukonda Institute of technology and sciences (ANITS) was inaugurated on 23rd of jan, 2015. This two day tech -fest was inaugurated by Dr Atul Negi, Professor, University of Hyderabad who was invited as a chief guest to this function. Prof S C Satapathy, HoD, Dept of CSE, while addressing the audiences has reminded about the statistics of number of unemployable graduates coming out of the institutions is alarmingly high and so this is the hour of need to promote their innovation and help themselves recognise their talent and area of interest and also develop their skill in the area they are interested in. This two day fest CURSORS 2k15 was mainly planned to bring up the innovation in the students and provide them a platform to exhibit his innovativeness and creativity. The following events like coding contest, paper presentation, project expo, idea exchange etc; are conducted to to encourage students to think different and update themselves in the future technologies. A total of 301 students from ANITS and other colleges in and around Visakhapatnam have participated the event.

Workshop on “How to publish a Research Paper”

A Workshop on “How to publish a research paper” has been organised under the banner of ANITS CSI Student Branch and conducted by P Preethi, Assistant Professor, Dept. of CSE, ANITS on 27th of Dec, 2014 in e Class Room. This workshop has mainly been organised to help the young researchers to have an insight in publishing a successful research paper in a renowned journal. This even has been attended by both students and faculty who are pursuing their PhD.

A 3 Day Workshop on Web Design and Development organised by ANITS CSI Student Branch

A 3 day Workshop on Web Design and Development has been organised by ANITS CSI Student Branch at ANITS from 19th to 21st of December , 2014 at E- Class Room, Department of CSE. This workshop has been conducted by V Srinivas Raju, Assistant Professor, Dept of CSE to enable the students and even the faculty to become familiar with web design and development. Participants have been introduced with all the news trending web technologies like php, html 5 etc. This workshop has been mainly planned for the beginners who are interested in web development. Around 50 people have participated in this workshop

P Srinivasu Memorial Lecture under ANITS CSI Student Branch

ANITS CSI Student Branch has organised a Memorial lecture in memory of late P Srinivasu who was an Associate Professor in the Department of CSE, ANITS on 6th of November, 2014 on the occasion of his birthday. Speaking on this occasion HOD of CSE Dr S C Satapathy has remainder the students about his dedication and commitment towards students and the institution. Few students have read out the poems on him which were written in both telugu and english. Faculty have also shared some of their moments with him, followed by a lecture on “Introduction to Data Mining” as it is his area of interest. This lecture was given by Dr S C Satapathy to encourage the students to take up the projects in the area of data mining and make it as their area of interest.

One Day Orientation Program for First Year students of CSE (2014-18 Batch)

The Dept of CSE, ANITS had conducted a one-day Orientation Program for first year students of CSE (2014-18 Batch) under ANITS CSI Student Branch. The Program had been coordinated by Ms. P. Deepika, Asst Prof and Mr. B.V.Udaya Sameer, Asst Prof of CSE Dept on 09-09-2014. Speaking on this occasion, Prof VSRK Prasad, Principal, ANITS had addressed all the students and advised to be regular to the classes. Prof S C Satapathy, HOD, CSE addressed all the freshers by introducing the Faculty Members and CSI Student Body Members. He advised all the students to take the support and encouragement from the faculty members and shine in their professional career. On this occasion, some of the second, third and final year students have interacted with the freshers and gave them a brief introduction on Department Achievements, Faculty Achievements and CSI Activities. They have also conducted a few interactive sessions and welcomed the first year students

Guest Lecture on Computability

ANITS CSI Student Branch has conducted a Guest Lecture on “Computability” on 1st of August, 2014 given by Dr. Prasad Jayanthi, Professor, Dept of CSE, Dartmouth College, USA. The whole session went on with much enthusiasm, which has seen students participating highly in this interactive session. The main motive for conducting this guest lecture as said by Dr. S C Satapathy, HoD, CSE is to make the students aware of the relation between Mathematics and computer science and allow them to solve complex problems using Mathematical logic. Dr Prasad Jayanthi has delivered an excellent lecture on compatibility with a live example to show how mathematical logic is related to problem solving in programming. This guest lecture was attended by Dr S C Satapathy , HoD of CSE, Prof.T. V. Hanumantha Rao, HoD, Mechanical, a few faculty members of CSE and around 65 final year students of Dept of CSE, ANITS. The speaker was presented with a memento and Dr VSRK Prasad, Principal, ANITS has thanked the speaker for spending his valuable time to transfer knowledge to the Students of ANITS

CSI Coding Contest

ANITS CSI Student Branch has conducted a Coding Contest (C Programming) in three levels on 5th, 12th and 19th of July, 2014. This event was mainly conducted to find and encourage talented students to participate in several coding contests which are conducted nationally and internationally. We mainly planned to conduct this event for 2nd years (batch 2013-17) of CSE and IT, especially for CSI Student Members. We got an immense response from our CSE 2nd year CSI student members where around 52 members have participated in this event. The below is the information of every round or level conducted.

1st round:

Conducted a Technical Written Test similar to the Written Test conducted by Infosys and Wipro where 52 CSI student members from CSE have participated out of which 30 students were selected and were formed as 10 Teams with each team containing 3 members.

2nd round:

The 10 Teams which are selected in the previous round faced a challenge with 5 tough coding puzzles which are to be solved in C programming language. Out of these 10 Teams, based on their performance and efficiency of Coding, 5 Teams were selected for the final round.

3rd Round:

This 3rd round has seen the participation of all the 5 teams in which there are 4 levels to decide the winner. Each level is a knock-out level where each team with less score were eliminated. The final remaining 3 teams were pushed into Reverse Coding challenge were output of the code will be given to the teams and they are expected to write a code for it. This round has decided the 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners.

Faculty Development Program on “Maintaining Interaction with the Students”.

Mr. B Tirumula Rao, from JNTU Vizainagaram has been invited by the Head of Department of CSE, Dr S C Satapathy, for delivering a lecture on “Maintaining Interaction with the Students” as part of 3 day faculty development program on 19/6/2014. In this regard, Mr B Tirumula Rao has shared his experiences with the students to our young faculty and how he maintained the interaction with them in and out of the college. He advised the young faculty members to be humble with the students and even be ready to learn from them. He advised the faculty to be friendly with the students at the same time be strict in the academics and constantly advice them for their career.

At the end of the session a memento was presented by the HoD CSE, to the speaker for his excellent lecture.

Faculty Development Program on “Teaching Methodologies”.

Ms. Pritee Parwekar, Department of CSE, ANITS took up a session on “Teaching methodologies” as part of as part of 3 day faculty development program on 19/6/2014. This is an interactive session in which each and every faculty of CSE, IT and MCA has participated. The speaker has shared her personal experiences in implementing different teaching methodologies and encouraged the young faculty to share their ideas on new teaching methods.

Faculty Development Program on “Course Plan Workshop”.

As part of giving an emphasis on course planning, a workshop was initiated by the HOD of CSE Dr S C Satapathy. Upon his encouragement Mr Ch.Seshadri Rao has conducted a workshop on “course plan” as part 3 day faculty development program on 20/6/2014. This is an interactive session in which each and every faculty of CSE, IT and MCA has participated. He has shared some of the ideas for writing a good course plan followed by an interactive section in which all the faculty are encouraged to share their ideas on good course plan which is followed by an immediate exercise of preparing a course plan for the subject they are about to undertake.

49th CSI Foundation Day Celebrations, 6th March 2014

On the Eve of 49th CSI Foundation Day, ANITS CSI Student branch has celebrated to mark the day on 6th March, 2014 at 11.30 am in Anil Neerukonda Institute of Technology and Sciences, Visakhapatnam.

Prof P.S Avadhani, Vice-Principal, AU College of Engineering, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam was invited as Chief Guest on this occasion. Prof VSRK Prasad, Principal, ANITS has presided over the function.

The Honourable Chief Guest. Prof P S Avadhani has delivered a motivating speech to empower and inspire the students on all fronts. He has delivered many examples of great men and their lives and suggested the students to take them as role models and achieve something and reach their goals that they have set. Speaking on this occasion Prof VSRK Prasad has reminded the achievements of the Students of ANITS on all fronts and particularly he has lauded the ANITS CSI Student branch for its achievements and for gaining the Best Student Branch Award for the 3rd consecutive time for the year 2012-13. Professor S C Satapathy , HoD, CSE, ANITS has reminded the achievements of Dept of CSE and its Student Branch. He has dedicated the achievements of Dept of CSE to its student and its professional Society in which Students are the active participants. He has Reminded the Students to take the inspiration from one of their Seniors N. Anudeep of CSE who was offered a job in GOOGLE with an annual salary of 1crore. He humbly delivered that Dept of CSE is indebted to Secretary of ANITS Mr V Tapovardhan, Principal of ANITS Prof VSRK Prasad along with Director Admin Prof R Govardhan Rao, for their encouragement and cooporation to conduct events for the benefit of students, on behalf of CSI Student Branch. Mr M Kranthi Kiran, Asst Prof, CSE and ANITS CSI Student Branch Coordinator has delivered a Report on the past and the present activities and achievements of CSI Student Branch. Mr Manikanta, Student, CSE and President, CSI Student Branch has spoken about the Future plans. This event was attended by ANITS CSI Branch Co-Coordinator GV Gayatri, Asst Prof, CSE, All other faculty of Department of CSE all with all the HoDs of other Departments of ANITS.

On this occasion ANITS CSI Student branch is also conducting a 3 day work from 7th of March to 9th of March on “Softcomputing and its Engineering Applications along with MATLAB and LaTeX Training” which are to be delivered by Prof. Siba Kumar Udgata, School of Computing, University of Hyderabad and YVS Murthy, Research Scholar, NIT Suratkal.

A 3 Day workshop conducted on Soft-computing and its Engineering Applications along with LaTeX and Matlab Training

A Three day workshop on Soft-Computing and its Engineering Applications was organized by the ANITS CSI Student Branch on the eve of 49th CSI foundation Day celebrations from March 7th to 9th , 2014. This workshop was conducted by Dr Siba kumar udgata, Associate Professor, School of computer and information sciences, University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad, and Dr S C Satapathy, Professor, HoD of Dept. of CSE, ANITS. A theoretical and practical oriented training was given to the participants. All the computational algorithms have initially been explained theoretically and were then shown practically. Students were provided facilities so that they can bring their laptop and can work in parallel. This workshop has been completely interactive and got a good feed back from the participants. In Addition to this, on March 7th, 2014 both LaTeX training by Y V S Murthy, Research Scholar, NIT Surathkal, Karnataka and Matlab trainging by Dr S C Satapathy, HoD, CSE, ANITS has been conducted.

Paper Presentation Contest conducted by CSI, ANITS Student Branch.

In the wake of CSI 49th Foundation Day Celebrations ANITS CSI Student Branch has conducted an internal paper presentation contest with an active participation of all the CSI student members of ANITS. This event saw the participation from 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students who have presented on various trending topics and took the suggestion from the judges present. This Event was conducted on two separate days on Feb 15th and 22nd of 2014.

Alumni Interaction under CSI

D. Srinivas, alumni of Department of CSE, ANITS and an upcoming entrepreneur has addressed a gathering of 3rd year students of CSE regarding the topic “Converting our Research Idea into a Business Model” conducted under CSI on Feb 17th, 2014. Speaking on this topic he has given some suggestions and tips of how to convert an innovative idea into a business model and become an entrepreneur. He has delivered some examples of how the great innovators have turned their Ideas into a business and how they became successful business men. He also interacted with the students and provided them some suggestions on successful implementation of their personal Research Ideas.

Orientation program for 1st Year Students, October 3rd , 2013

The Department of CSE organized an orientation program on 3rd October, 2013 for its incoming students to introduce them to the life at ANITS. This event was harmonized by the professional staff of the dept. of CSE along with the senior students of CSE under the supervision of the Head of the Department. The program continued throughout the day that is form 10am to 4.10 pm which included welcome speech by Mr M Kranthi Kiran, Asst. Prof, Department of CSE. This was followed by a presentation elucidating the vision and mission of the department as well as ANITS. Addressing the gathering, Dr. S. C. Satapathy, HOD of cse has provided various ideas that may help the students to excel in academics, shared his experiences and also motivated them to be enthusiastic and active in the learning process. The students were also strongly encouraged to approach to the faculty in case of emergency or uncertainties regarding academic issues or any other similar requirements. This program continued with fun games along with the faculty and senior students interaction by sharing their views and experiences. The new joins were given a chance to introduce themselves by coming on to the stage and interact with their new friends and the top 10 good speakers were given prizes.

Faculty Development Programme on “Understanding Research"
by Prof B Majhi,Dept of CSE, NIT, Rourkela

A faculty development programme on “Understanding Research" has been conducted on the reopening day after the summer vacation by the Depts of CSE and IT under the aegis of CSI student branch, ANITS. The topic was delivered by Prof B Majhi, Dept of CSE, NIT, Rourkela. In his delivery he emphasised the curiosity, persistence and open mind are the key ingredients which will make one involve in true research. Tips to identify the topic for research and the life cycle of research process were vividly discussed by him. He also mentioned the does and don’ts of writing good research article and encouraged to avoid plagiarism while writing the paper. The program was attended by all faculty members from CSE, IT ,EEE and ECE departments of ANITS. Earlier, Prof V S R K Prasad, Principal, ANITS greeted Dr Majhi and thanked him for sparing his valuable time with the faculty members. Dr S C Satapathy, HOD, CSE and Prof Ch Suresh, HOD IT was present in the program and Dr Satapathy finally thanked the speaker and urged to all faculties that the interdisciplinary research should be initiated now in ANITS for greater benefits of all concerned.

TCS testing contest TESTIMONY

A TCS testing contest TESTIMONY was conducted in Department of CSE ANITS for which a training session on testing principles was conducted by S Ratan Kumar and M Kranthi Kiran and were attended by 50 students on 26/2/13 and no of teams participated in TCS TESTIMONY contest Round one are 19 Teams which was conducted on 27/2/13.


A guest lecture was conducted on Meta Heuristic Optimization and its Applications by Dr.Swagatam Das, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata on 26-02-2013 under CSI Student Branch. His lecture mainly focused on Optimization techniques like Particle Swarm Optimization, Ant Colony Optimization and its applications in all engineering branches like Computers, Bio-Informatics, Mechanical etc,. Total 60 students from 2/4, 3/4 CSE, 1/2 M.Tech (CST) and some students from 4/4 IT have attended this guest lecture. HOD has initiated to continue such guest lectures on Optimization, Soft Computing etc., in future in Swarm Intelligence Research Lab in the department of CSE.


On the happy occasion of CSI foundation day, CSI student branch of ANITS has organized a function to commemorate this memorable day. An essay writing and elocution competitions were conducted for all CSI student members and prizes were given away to the winners on this day. Secretary and Correspondent Sri.V.Tapovardhan of ANITS expressed his over whelming happiness on the participation of members on various activities conducted by the student branch. On his address he encouraged the students to acquire various skill sets to get ready for higher employability options in IT industries. Prinicpal Dr.V.S.R.K.Prasad also addressed the gathering. HOD, CSE Dr.S.C.Satapathy highlighted the importance and benefits of being a CSI member. On this occasion a special talk was given by S.Ratan Kumar, Associate Professor, CSE, ANITS on Cloud Computing. 300 CSI student members from various departments i.e ., CSE,IT,ECE,MCA,MECH and HOD’s of other departments have attended. Finally the function ended with a vote of thanks by Mrs.G.V.Gayathri, CSI Student Branch Cordinator.

Technology Trends, Consumer Impact and Opportunities

ANITS CSI Student branch conducted Guest Lecture on Technology Trends, Consumer Impact and Opportunities on 14/11/2012. About 150 Final Year students of CSE, IT & MCA attended this event. The Guest lecture was followed by Inauguration session. In the Inauguration session the Principal of the college Prof VSRK Prasad advised the students to utlilize this opportunity to interact with Industry pioneer. HOD CSE Prof Suresh Chandra Satapathy reinforced the fact that the departments CSE, IT & MCA are committed for value addition training programs by conducting such Guest lecturers & workshops through CSI banner. The resource person for this expert lecture was Bhargava Vadapalli, Vice-President, Strategy and Planning at Infotel Broadband Services Ltd, Mumbai, a wholly owned subsidiary of Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL). He has enlightened the students with recent technological trends in the Indian market. The Key drivers & business/ Job opportunities for the budding engineers in the next decade. The session was ended with vote of thanks by Mr Tirimula Rao Benala CSI Coordinator.

Real parameter Optimization with Differential Evolution by Dr Swagatam Das, ISI Kolkata

Dr Swagatam Das from ISI Kolkata has delivered a speech on “Real parameter Optimization with Differential Evolution “on 17th February, 2012. Prof Das spoke in detail various kinds of real parameter optimization, Differential Evolution & problem solving using Differential Evolution

Joint International Conference - SEMFANCCO - 2011

A joint International conference on Swarm , Evolutionary and Memetic Computing (SEMCCO) and Fuzzy and Neural Computing Conference (FANCCO) organized by the departments of CSE , IT and MCA , ANITS from 19th – 21st Dec 2011 which was the first International Conference in Andhra Pradesh . The organizing secretaries of the conference were Dr. S.C. Satapathy , HOD , Dept. of CSE , Prof. Ch. Suresh , HOD , Dept. of IT & MCA and Mrs. Ch. Sita Kameswari , Assoc. Professor , Dept. of IT & MCA . The President for the inaugural function of the conference which was held on 19th Dec 2011 was Sri. V. Thapovardhan , Secretary & Correspondent , ANITS . Dr. K. Kesavasamy , Global Head – Academic Interface Programme , TCS was the Chief Guest and Dr. P.N. Suganthan , NTU , Singapore and Dr. B.K. Panigrahi , IIT Delhi were the Guests of Honour for the inaugural function . Eighteen technical sessions were conducted and 150 papers were presented in the conference . The selected papers were published in Springer – Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2011 , LNCS 7076 , LNCS 7077 . Keynote lectures were given by Prof. A. Carlos Coello Coello , Chair , Computer Science Dept. at CINVESTAV – IPN MEXICO and Prof. Dipankar Das Gupta , Computer Science Dept. , University of Memphis on 19th Dec 2011 , Prof. Jacek M. Zurada , Distinguished University Scholar , University of Louisville , USA , Prof. N.R. Pal ,ECS Unit ISI , Kolkata on 20th Dec 2011 . A tutorial was conducted on “Swarm Intelligence : An Optimization tool for various Engineering Applications “ by Dr. S.K. Udgata , University of Hyderabad on 20th Dec 2011 . Invited talks were given by Dr. Sumant Yenduri , Assoc. Professor , University of Southern Mississippi and Dr. Amit Kumar , Co & Chief Scientific Officer , Bio – Axis DNA Research Centre , Hyderabad on 21st Dec 2011 . The Valedictory function for the Conference was held on 21st Dec 2011 and was Presided by Prof. R. Govardhana Rao , Director (Admin) , ANITS . Prof. A. Carlos Coello Coello was the Chief guest , Dr. Louise Perkins , University of Southern Mississippi and Swagatham Das , Jadavpur University were the Guests of Honour .

AP State First CSI Student Convention -2010

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Rational Application Developer (RAD)

A four day workshop of IBM-RAD was organized by ANITS from 13th – 16th September, 2010 to train the young ANITIANS and subsequently IBM has conducted online tests for certification on IBM tools on 21st September, 2010. Eighty one students from UG and PG programs have received international certifications with excellent scores. Further an online test of DB2 was also conduc t ed by IBM on the same day and 53 students and two faculty members were certified for IBM-DB2. Prof. V.S.R.K. Prasad, Principal, ANITS congratulated the students on their sincere efforts and the initiative taken by the Training & Placement Cell in organizing the event.


Departments of CSE & IT, ANITS has jointly organized the 1st National Conference on Soft Computing and Its Applications (NCSCA-07) during December 21st and 22nd 2007. Ms. Ranjita Saran, Director, Solution Technology, BIPM, TCS, Hyderabad graced the inaugural function as the Chief Guest. Prof.M.Surendra Prasad Babu, HOD, Dept. of CS & SE, AU delivered the keynote being the Guest of Honor. Mr.Amaresh Simhadri, Regional Practice Manager, BI practice, TCS, Hyderabad and Prof.J.V.R.Murthy, HOD Dept of CSE, JNTU, Kakinada graced the conference being Guest of Honor.

This event has received a mammoth number of 347 papers from all over India, among those 199 papers were selected by the organization committee and also few quality papers were selected from faculty, Researchers and students for full printing in the conference proceedings and other papers were selected for CD Proceedings. Around 29 institutions have participated in this conference from all over India, and 24 technical sessions were conducted successfully and best papers in each technical session were judged by eminent Professors. Around 228 students of various institutions and 231 students of ANITS have participated with an excellent enthusiasm to enhance their knowledge to a greater extent and to prove their best. In the valedictory function Chief guest Mr.P.Srinivas Vivekananda, Academic Relationship Manager, TCS, Hyderabad has addressed the students and spoke on the skills needed for a successful career and Prof. P. Ramakrishna Rao, Director, ANITS gave a message being the Guest of Honour. The NCSCA-07 was coordinated by Prof.S.C.Satapathy, Mr.Ch.Suresh, Organizing Chair, HOD Dept.of CSE & IT, all the faculty members of Departments of CSE & IT, student volunteers and non teaching staff have extended their cooperation to organize the conference successfully

Workshop on IBM Rational Rose

2 Days Workshop on IBM Rational Rose August 2007

Workshop on 'IBM Tools'

One Day workshop on 'IBM Tools' courtesy IBM TGMC Program 2007

Oracle 9i Database Administration

One Day workshop on Oracle 9i Database administration under CSI Student Brach activities, 2007

Workshops on Digital Image Processing

2 Days Workshops One on Digital Image Processing in 2006-07