Participation in inter-institute events by Students

Outside the State

Academic Year Name of the EventAwards
2016-2017ASPIREVISION TECH EDUCATION,HyderabadCertificate Achieved(2 Nos.)
Mission R&D Certificate of Completion(2 Nos.)
2015-2016Techfest, IIT BombayWorkshop Partcipation(05 Nos.)
GSIB Fest-20151st and 3rd Positions(2 Nos.)
TCS Code Vita Coding Contest-2015All India Ranks -73, 430, 1069,1107,1573,1658,1684,2357,2449,2540,2594(11 Nos.)
2014-2015ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest, 38thannual ACM-ICPC, Russia 45thPlace (3 Nos.)
Mission R&DCertificate of Completion(1Nos.)
2013-2014Code -Vita TCS Coding Contest,Mumbai. 2nd Place(2 Nos.)

Inside the State

Academic Year Name of the EventAwards
2015-2016Digital India Week,Andhra UniversityWinners in Online Exam(3Nos.)
Angle HAck-Vizag 2015Awarded with Pebble Smart Watches(4Nos.)
2014-2015Swehca Summer Camp 2015,VisakhapatnamStudents Partcipated (9Nos.)
Mission R&D Completed the Program
HACKATHON,Digital India Week,Andhra University,visakhapatnamParticipated
2013-2014THE Infosys Campus Connect CONTEST Aspirations 2020Received Appreciation Certificates(3Nos.)