List of Achievements of Computer Science & Engineering
S.No Year Staff Name Details
1 2007 Prof.S.C.Satapathy Hybridized improved Genetic Algorithm with variable length chromosome for image clustering (International Journal of Computer Science and Network Security) Vol.7, (PP.121-131),2007.
2 2007 Prof.S.C.Satapathy Particle swarm optimized Multiple Regression Linear Model for Data clarification accepted for publication in Applied soft computing journal Elsevier, 2007.
3 2007 Prof.S.C.Satapathy An effectual Hybrid Algorithm for Data clustering using improved kinetic Algorithm and Nelder mead simplex search published in IEEE computer Society proceeding and presented at ICCIMA-07, Sivakasi, 13-15 December 2007. This paper has been short listed for possible publication is a special issue of International Journal of Computational Intelligence and Application (IJCIA).
4 2007 Prof.S.C.Satapathy A Comparative Analysis of unsupervised K-means self organized PSO for Image clustering Published in IEEE computer Society proceeding and presented at ICCIMA?07 Sivakasi and indexed in IEEE explorer
5 2007 Prof.S.C.Satapathy A new approach of integrating PSO & improved GA for clustering with parallel and transitional technique, in the 3rd International Conference on Narural Computation (sponsored by IEEE),Haikou, China, 24-27 August 2007
6 2007 Prof.S.C.Satapathy Particle Swarm Optimized Data Clustering, XX. International Conference on Computer, Information, and Systems Science, and Engineering, April 25-27, Barcelona, Spain.2007
7 2007 Prof.S.C.Satapathy Swarm Intelligent Multiple Regression Pattern Classifier, in International Conference on Systemic, Cybernetics and Informatics, 3rd-7th Jan, 2007, Hyderabad, ( BEST PAPER AWARD)
8 2007 Prof.S.C.Satapathy Genetic Programming: A new evolutionary tool for problem solving , IETE Zonal Seminar on Emerging and Converging Technologies (SECT-07), 10-11 Feb, 2007
9 2007 Prof.S.C.Satapathy Particle Swarm Optimized Joint Session Admission Control WLAN/CDMA- A Proposal , IETE Zonal Seminar on Emerging and Converging Technologies (SECT-07), 10-11 Feb, 2007
10 2007 B.Tirumala Rao Presented a paper on Major Milestones of payment system in E-Commerce in NCSCA-07 conducted at ANITS on 21st and 22nd December 2007 and got selected as best paper.
11 2007 Ms.R.Bhramaramba Comparative Study of Diabetes Related Proteins A discriminant Analysis approach NCSCA-07 held at ANITS from 21st,22nd December 2007.
12 2006 Ms.R.Bhramaramba Mathematical Analysis of Diabetes related protein having high sequence Complexity, ICBDM 2006, adjudged as Best paper
13 2005 Ms.R.Bhramaramba A Review of Bayesian Statistic and its Application in Bioinformatics, MERG, 2005
14 Prof.S.C.Satapathy Implementation of has been accepted for publication in November?07 issue of Technology Spectrum journal by JNTU, Hyderabad