Prof. R Sivaranjani, HOD, CSE, ANITS  CSI FOUNDATION DAY ANITS Team from Dept of CSE at ICPC World Final, Russia /*“Best Accredited CSI student Branch” award consecutively for the fourth time. This has been awarded for the academic year of 2013-14 at CSI-2014 */ IBM Academic Initiative Ms.V  Ashritha Santoshi , Alumni of CSE, ANITS has been awarded the CSI “HIGHEST COMMITTED STUDENT ACTIVIST” award G Thakshak,L.Abhinand from CSE stood Runner Up in Code Vita 2013, TCS National Level Conding Contest N.Anudeep , B.Sai Ishawarya, K.Sindhura from CSE were declared as National Championships in Aspirations 2020, Coding Contest from Infosys Avani Panchal from CSE

  • About Department
  • Vision and Mission
  • POs, PEOs, & PSOs
  • The Department has marked a steady growth in terms of human recourses, Laboratories and space. It has 42 qualified teachers (Meeting the norms of AICTE) headed by Dr.R.Sivaranjani with 14 years of experience in teaching.

    The Department of Computer Science and Engineering presently offers the following program.


           Intake : 60 initially (2001-02)

           120 from 2008-09

           180 from 2015-16

           Lateral Entry : 20% at II year


           Intake : 18 From 2010 – 2011

           Specialization : Computer Science & Technology

    Our vision is to emerge as a world class Computer Science and Engineering department through excellent teaching and strong research environment that responds swiftly to the challenges of changing computer science technology and addresses technological needs of the stakeholders.

    To enable our students to master the fundamental principles of computing and to develop in them the skills needed to solve practical problems using contemporary computer-based technologies and practices to cultivate a community of professionals who will serve the public as resources on state-of-the-art computing science and information technology.

    Work as Competent Computer Engineer either globally or locally by engaging in professional practice in a variety of roles with ability to serve as a team or individual.
    Higher studies
    Prepared to pursue masters or research programmes in computer science or other disciplines.
    Become successful Entrepreneurs who demonstrate strong technical and leadership skills to bring out innovative designs/products that also addresses social issues.
    Lifelong learning and ethics
    Adapt to rapidly changing technology in engineering domains through continuous learning and practice code of ethics.



    Programming and software Development skills: Ability to acquire programming efficiency to analyze, design and develop optimal solutions, apply standard practices in software project development to deliver quality software product.

    Computer Science Specific Skills: Ability to formulate, simulate and use knowledge in various domains like data engineering, image processing and information and network security, artificial intelligence etc., and provide solutions to new ideas and innovations.


    Graduate Attribute1:
    Engineering Knowledge
    An ability to apply the knowledge of basic engineering sciences, humanities, core engineering and computing concept in modeling and designing computer based systems.
    Graduate Attribute2:
    Problem Analysis
    An ability to identify, analyze the problems in different domains and define the requirements appropriate to the solution.
    Graduate Attribute3:
    Design/Development of Solution
    An ability to design, implement & test a computer based system, component or process that meet functional constraints such as public health and safety, cultural, societal and environmental considerations.
    Graduate Attribute4:
    Conduct Investigations of Complex Problems
    An ability to apply computing knowledge to conduct experiments and solve complex problems, to analyze and interpret the results obtained within specified timeframe and financial constraints consistently.
    Graduate Attribute5:
    Modern Tool Usage
    An ability to apply or create modern techniques and tools to solve engineering problems that demonstrate cognition of limitations involved in design choices.
    Graduate Attribute6:
    The Engineer and Society
    An ability to apply contextual reason and assess the local and global impact of professional engineering practices on individuals, organizations and society.
    Graduate Attribute7:
    Environment and Sustainability
    An ability to assess the impact of engineering practices on societal and environmental sustainability.
    Graduate Attribute8:
    Ability to apply professional ethical practices and transform into good responsible citizens with social concern.
    Graduate Attribute9:
    Individual and Team Work
    Acquire capacity to understand and solve problems pertaining to various fields of engineering and be able to function effectively as an individual and as a member or leader in a team.
    Graduate Attribute10:
    An ability to communicate effectively with range of audiences in both oral and written forms through technical papers, seminars, presentations, assignments, project reports etc.
    Graduate Attribute11:
    Project Management and Finance
    An ability to apply the knowledge of engineering, management and financial principles to develop and critically assess projects and their outcomes in multidisciplinary areas.
    Graduate Attribute12:
    Life-long Learning
    An ability to recognize the need and prepare oneself for lifelong self learning to be abreast with rapidly changing technology.